April Book Craft | Scribble Stones

The book craft this month was so fun, because we actually got to do it with Grandma Jill!  If you don't know, Grandma Jill is the brains behind each month's book crafts.  She was an early childhood educator and loves all things kid's books and crafting!  
The book this month is called "Scribble Stones" by Diane Alber.  It is a darling book about a rock that wants to be more than a paperweight.  As the story progresses you see how much good one little act of kindness can do in the world. 
I think I love this books so much because it reminds me of a year ago when we were first on quarantine.  We had a trail near our house that we would walk most days.  Those first few weeks were so tough, but each day we would find painted rocks, hopeful chalk messages, and painted hearts along the trail and in driveways.  I love that a simple painted rock can truly make someone's day! 
Let's jump right in!  This craft really is quite simple and there's tons of flexibility and options to make it just right for your purposes.
STEP 1 - Gather supplies.  Rocks, paper plate, paint, and tablecloth or garbage bag.  Optional:  Popsicle sticks, paintbrushes, and markers. 
STEP 2 - Create a row of each paint coloring by doing a line of paint on the paper plate.  Do these paint lines close to one another. If needed, use popsicle stick to smooth. 
STEP 3 - Dip your rock into the paint, spin if desired, and then lift up. 
STEP 4 - Set on a solid surface to dry. 
STEP 5 - Repeat and be creative!  If desired, add words or messages to the rocks when dry. 
STEP 6 - Go place them on a trail or walking path in your neighborhood and share the kindness of one little rock!  
Happy rock painting!


  • I love the book crafts! I also love grandma Jill. She makes everyone happy just like the rocks. You Rock Jill!!

    Keri sieverts
  • Great job Jill !

    Grandma Launie

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