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When it's cold and rainy outside, all I want to do is cuddle up with a warm quilt and a good book.  Just me?  One of my favorite ways to store (and display) my blankets and quilts is with a blanket ladder.  They are cute and functional, making them the best of both worlds!  

Wood & Metal (top left):  The wood and metal give this ladder such a great vibe!  

Bamboo (top right):  I love the curved detail on top of this ladder.  It makes it unique and different for your typical blanket ladder.  

Rustic Eucalyptus (bottom left):  I love the rustic look of this wood ladder.  Any blanket would look good on this option.  

Metal Hanging (bottom right):  If I had a spot in my house for this ladder, I would snag one today!  Love this metal hanging ladder option!  


One day I would love to have a different quilt for each holiday.  Couldn't you imagine how cute one of these Valentine's quilts would be hanging there?  I better start now so it'll be ready for next year! 

Which blanket ladder is your favorite?  Are you looking for a quilt display or having a snuggly blanket within arm's reach?  Tell us below!  

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  • I like most of those that you have listed, but I love the one that my son and husband made for me! It is a bit chunkier and taller, but I love it!

    Jill Walter

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