How to Pick a Sewing Machine!


The number one question I get asked is, "What sewing machine do you recommend?"  I'm going to share a few of my favorites today!  Some of these I have used for teaching classes and some for personal use.  


The first machine that I'm going to tell you about is the Brother HC1850.  This machine is great for a beginner!  It includes the speed control option, which is an awesome feature for kids starting out.  It also has easy threading and many stitch options (which honestly, I hardly use.) This will be the cheapest machine out of today's recommendations.  It is not as high of quality as the other machines, but is still a good machine!  


Next up is the Brother SQ9285.  This machine is very, very similar to the ones that I used for teaching sewing lessons to kids out of my home.  (The ones I got were actually from Costco, but they only come up for sale every so often! I have not seen them this year.) This machine is a little bit nicer quality than the previous Brother machine.  It also has the speed control and a lot of stitch options.  These machines got a LOT of use when I taught classes and I had very few problems with them!  


If you are looking for a step up beginner machine the Bernette 38 is the way to go.  The Bernette series machines are the "budget brand" of Bernina sewing machines. This will be a quality machine that will last many years.  This machine also features a drop-in bobbin for easy threading and has computerized screen controls.  


Lastly, the Bernina B325.  You will soon find out that when it comes to sewing machines, I am a Bernina snob.  But, with that being said, I've been sewing for over two decades and was ready for the "luxury brand" sewing machines. Bernina machines come with a higher price tag, so I don't always recommend jumping straight to the Bernina unless you know it will be used for years to come!  These machines are high quality with smooth sewing and great control.  To purchase a Bernina machine, find your local Bernina dealer!  



Tell us your thoughts, which machine will work best for your needs?  Drop us a comment below!  



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  • I have always sewn on Bernina sewing machines. I sewed on them as a student, at home, and now my students use them in my classroom in Utah. Bernina sewing machines are the best, but they are more expensive. Sometimes in Utah, you can watch for sales at the school districts that are selling their used machines to upgrade the sewing labs at the schools.

    Bonny Groneman
  • I have used the Brother machines for sewing lessons. The ones with the speed control are the best and the kids love that they can slow it down if they want. They have loved these machines. Personally, I am a Bernina snob like my daughter. But, for beginners, the Brother Machines are awesome!

    Jill Walter

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