Laundry Room Reveal!

Hi friends, Emily here!  I've been working on the One Room Challenge for the past 6 weeks redoing my laundry room and it has been an amazing (and challenging!) experience!  But I am so happy with the results, so it was worth every late night and all the complaints about cereal for dinner :)


This was my original mood board and inspiration from the room.  I was really loving the graphic details and knew I wanted to paint my cabinets.  And the natural wood!  My laundry room didn't have a counter, so I knew that was a must have!  It turned out a little bit different than I initially planned, but I am so pleased with the results.  

Prep & Supplies

These are the supplies I gathered before starting this project: 

Tools Needed:

Herringbone Stencil


I knew I wanted some large graphic on this huge empty wall.  I was debating between a large mural or wallpaper when Ashley suggested I use a stencil.  After some quick research, she created a stencil for me (genius!) and I set to work!  I cut out the stencil and used sharpie paint pens to paint on the lines.  I ended up using 4 of the paint pens for the entire wall.  After a while, the tip would get frayed from the texture of the wall so I switched it out for a new one.  The hardest part was keeping everything level. If I did it again, I would print out multiple pages of the stencil (use card stock) and create a larger stencil.  There are a few spots where I went rogue, but I think my eye is the only one that notices!  This stencil is available in our shop here if you want to create your own herringbone wall!


The paint I used was Benjamin Moore Advance.  I get SUPER overwhelmed when trying to find a paint color.  There are so many options! While at the hardware store (with 3 busy kids!) I saw the Magnolia paint cards on the shelf and BOOM.  There it was.  The perfect color, Early Riser.  The hardware store was able to color match Early Riser to the Benjamin Moore paint that I needed.  So perfect! In and out of the hardware store in 10 minutes with all the kids and only one cried.  Big win.

I lightly sanded and cleaned the cabinets.  For the application, I used a foam paint roller that rolled on smooth and minimized bubbles.  Two coats later and it's perfect!

Counters & Shelves

I was originally planning to use a hardwood plywood for the counter.  Then I saw the butcher block and instantly knew that's what I needed. I was extremely nervous about cutting it to size since it was 7 inches too long. I begged the employee at Home Depot to cut it for me, but this butcher block was too thick for their saw.  I brought it home and stared at it for a loooooong time before measuring and cutting (I measured like 573298 times before committing to the cut.) I used this circular saw and applied painters tape to minimize splitting of the wood. Guys, circular saws are seriously not that scary! I ended up using it a bunch more times to create the shelves above the freezer. While I'm certainly not a pro, I do feel much more confident in using power tools!

To install the butcher block, I secured 2" x 2" boards to support the countertop. I had to make it a little taller than I wanted because of the electrical outlet and water shut off valves. To create a more "fitted" effect, I glued on a piece of trim to the bottom of the countertop so there wasn't a large gap between the countertop and machines. Children's books work great to support your trim while the glue dries, FYI. I didn't attach the butcher block to the supports. I wanted to be able to remove it quickly in case there was a water emergency!

The shelves were also pretty easy to make. I also used some 2" x 2" boards as a support, then cut to size 2' x 4' melamine boards to use as the shelf. I didn't want the supports to be visible from the bottom, so I cut to size 2' x 4' hardboard, painted it white, and used a nail gun to attach it to the bottom of each shelf. Ready for storage!

I also made this little shelf to fill in the gap between our laundry machines. I didn't have a pattern or plan to follow, just measured, cut, and crossed my fingers it would work out! It mostly did, I had to notch out a piece of the top in order for the gap trim to fit since the shelf was a little too tall. 

Tile Backsplash

I was originally planning to use this stick on backsplash, but changed my mind at the last minute. I was worried about the humidity in the laundry room wearing down the adhesive. I purchased this penny tile. It was so much easier to install than I thought. You do need some tile nippers to cut the tiles for edging, but again, super easy to use. I put in my airpods and Edward, Bella, Jacob and I got to work! (Twilight, anyone? haha) It took me about 3 hours to set all of the tile.

The next night I grouted the backsplash.  I used "alabaster" color for the grout. I literally had the smallest amount left to grout when I ran back to the hardware store! I love this penny tile so much, I'm thinking I will eventually add it to my guest bathroom!

Final Touches

Finishing up a project is the best part!  This rug is similar to the one I purchased.  It warms up the space and adds texture to the room.  I love these jars because they are cute and useful. Most of the other items I used to decorate I already had either in storage or looking for a new home.  These birds have been looking for a home away from tiny hands and now they have one! 

This was my first One Room Challenge and I'm so glad I did it! Maybe I'll do it again in March. But first I have to clean up the bomb that went off in my house and garage....yikes! Maybe I'll just hang out in the beautiful, clean laundry room instead.

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