Morning routines made EASY!

These morning routine cards have been a total game changer for my kids!  They've made it so I don't have to nag them 10 bazillion times in the morning to get the same thing done.  It is AMAZING!  I promise, they will change your mornings too.  Scroll down to get them FREE!! 

This idea was first introduced to me by Ralphie, from Simply on Purpose. She created after school routine cards for her kids so that backpacks didn't end up in the hallways every afternoon.  Since we don't have any kids in school yet I knew that we could use this concept to make our mornings easier!  

While they might not be the most beautiful thing on the wall, they are by far the most functional!  I laminated my cards for long-term use and created a simple holder out of paper and an envelope.  We also put the weekly calendar in a sheet protector for the kids to earn their stickers.  This is how we've determined to pay our kids each week, based on how many stickers they earn.  (Grab Ralphie's Family Economy free resource for more on this as well!)  Saturday is "pay day", we remove all stickers and start again on Monday. 

There is some initial teaching and training (as with anything), but now we can go into their rooms and they know what to do.  Of course, not every morning goes smoothly or as planned, but it's definitely helped these little ones be more self-directed and independent!   

Here's to easier mornings for YOU!

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