Must-Have Sewing Tools!

After years and years of sewing, I have found the sewing tools I love working with and others, not so much.  So, I have compiled a list of my must have tools to keep on hand in your sewing room!  

These grabbit pincushions are some of my absolute favorites!  I've tried other magnetic pincushions and none of them have as strong of a magnet as these.  Or, if you have multiple kids sewing, look at these cute mini grabbits in a three pack! 

Okay, pins.  Don't go skimpy on your pins!  You use them SO much that it is worth it to get good ones.  I really prefer the longer pins with the larger ball on the end.  These yellow pins are a little boring when it comes to "color variety," but they are the ones I always reach for from my pin cushion!  

 For someone that does a lot of unpicking (ME!), I love having an ergonomic seam ripper.  They are a little bit bigger and easier to hold in your hand than the ones that come with your sewing machine.  

Shears is the fancy (technical) name for sewing scissors.  These are the scissors that your mom always yelled at you for when you tried cutting paper with them.  Same rule still applies, folks!  I use my 8" ginghers for every sewing project I do.  I love the featherweight gingher series for kids.  They are a little bit lighter in weight, but still cut fabric great!  

seam gauge is a small, 6 inch ruler that will be used regularly.  Having a tape measure always comes in handy.  You probably need one in all these colors. ;)

I know that there are thread packs that you can find that have a ton of threads for really cheap.  I promise you don't want those!  Often times the spools are so small you don't have enough to wind a bobbin and finish your project.  And, the threads are not quality causing them to break, which equals frustration when using your machine.  Coats & Clark dual duty all-purpose thread is the way to go!  For my sewing student I only had black and white thread options.  They didn't need a million colors and were totally fine with the limited choices.  


It is common to break your sewing machine needle so extra machine needles are a must!  I always like to keep a pack on hand and these schmetz ones fit most machines.  The other must-have for me is extra bobbins.  When I'm working on a project I like having a few extra bobbins wound, so I don't have to stop and wind one.  Check out these cute storage options for your bobbins as well.  The box storage is probably more practical, but I do always appreciate a good donut shape as well.  


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